Truly local hotels that promise a seamless, personal experience from beginning to end.



Close ties with the surrounding area, landscape and history.


Committed to a sustainable relationship with the environment.


A relaxed, comfortable and homely atmosphere right from the start.


Simple and elegant solutions with no fuss and minimum effort all round.

We Know Our Stuff.


Nobody likes to miss out, especially during a well-deserved trip away. That's why we make sure to let our guests in on all the local secrets and hidden gems the area has to offer. We also make sure to source the best local ingredients for our breakfasts and stock the honesty bar with drinks from the best local distilleries and breweries.


From Ethics to Environment.


Fresh ingredients, real houseplants and being near to the countryside are all well and good, but what's really important to us is being able to sustain it all. We operate on green energy, make sure we offset our carbon footprint, minimise waste in every way possible and insist on being totally transparent about our environmental impact.


Like Home, But Simpler.


Whether it's a warm mug of tea or a refreshing glass of water, a cozy spot by the fire or a cool patch of shade, you are always welcome to make yourself at home with us. Coffee is on tap, snacks are abundant, the honesty bar is well stocked, and you can even grab a fresh breakfast in your dressing gown.


It's OK, We've Got This.


It's annoying when things don't work, especially when they should be simple. At Second Nature we like to make sure everything can be done easily and without fuss. So what you will find is all the necessary gadgets to plug your modern life into when needed; what you won't find is flashy tech trying to impress you whilst actually making things more difficult.