Second Nature Hotels


Second Nature is the brainchild of founder Lindsey Holland, the culmination of her many years experience in the hospitality industry. The flagship hotel Cleeve Hill stands at the highest point in the Cotswolds and serves as both an example of quality and a living symbol for everything a Second Nature hotel encapsulates.

Following senior management positions at the critically acclaimed Zetter Townhouse, Lindsey went on to lead both Operations and Team Development at St Pancras Hotel Group before focussing her ambitions on her own simple yet effective group of high performing, accessible hotels and B&B's. 


“This is a dream come true for me. I’ve been working in the hotel industry for over 15 years - so doing the thing I love most, and in cities I love equally... it's something I feel completely humbled by. This is an opportunity to not only continue the amazing work by previous owners, but also to really maximise the potential these historic buildings have. I can’t wait to open the doors and show what Second Nature brings to the industry”  - Lindsey Holland


Second Nature Hotels Landscape