Cleeve Hill House

It turns out love at first sight is possible after all. From the moment Lindsey stepped foot in what is now the flagship Second Nature hotel, she was besotted with the period property. Sitting close to the top of its namesake Cleeve Hill, the beautiful Edwardian building affords incredible views of the Cotswolds from every angle. 

Originally built as a hotel in 1902 to accommodate visitors to the famous Cheltenham Spa, the first thing that hits you as you arrive is the immediate feeling of homeliness, followed by its obvious heritage and history. Inspired by the first visit, the dream of renovating Cleeve Hill House to its full potential was born.


Second Nature Hotels Team


Visions of the future

Resting on our laurels has never been part of our plan. We are currently searching for equally inspiring properties for Second Nature Hotels at key compass points around the UK. Don't ask us where just yet, the only thing for certain is wherever we fall in love with next will hold true to the four core values of Second Nature Hotels.


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